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Why do you need a VPS?

Depending on the nature of your forex robot, the speed of execution can of crucial importance. Scalping EAs and News based EAs are the ones those trading results are highly affected by the speed of execution. Generally, all forex robots that hold the trade for a short period, trade-in very volatile market conditions or execute many trades simultaneously would significantly improve the performance with a faster connection. EA running on VPS will always execute the trade faster than the one running on a personal computer. The speed of execution can be improved further if you use the VPS service provider whose servers are at the same location as your broker’s servers.

VPS server is constantly monitored by service provider technical support, so your EA will be safe from viruses, intruders and other threats. They will take care of installing the necessary operating system and other utility software updates. Also, technical support can assist you if you have problems with installing and configuring your trading software or forex robot.

If you live in an area where you do not have stable internet connection VPS is a must have tool especially if you trade using automated trading systems, like one iof our Expert Advisors. It can significantly improve your results. It also protects you against power outages and ensures that your trading software runs smoothly without disruptions. From time to time, you will need to restart your computer due to software upgrades and it may be improper to do so if you have an active trade running. Moreover, you can execute the trade while your computer is switched off. Your VPS will ensure your Expert Advisor is online 24/5 and will never let you down.

When you choose which VPS service is the right one for there are many characteristics that have to be considered. You have to check what operating system is running on the virtual machine to see if it is possible to install trading software that you plan to use. Also, check if the VPS provider allows you to install all the software that you intend to install. The service provider has to guarantee that the server will be uptime more than 99.99% of the time. We have selected the VPS provider we used the most for ourself and our clients.

How to setup a VPS?

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